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Hello 👋 I'm Serge, CEO/CTO and product-incharge

Allow me to introduce you The 🍐Fruits

We are International Digital Creative Agency Fruits built on top of the IT-company Fruitware (which means we do both marketing and product creation — the whole cycle to create and launch awesome products 🚀 . Our developers, UI/UX artists, architects, marketers and business owners side by side with the creative marketers, motion designer, operator and video-producer coordinated by our gorgeous Head of Creative Yara working to suprise, amaze and make the difference).

Since the lockdown shaked the world we've switch to full-remote work. But not so long ago we've been working in our cozzy head office located in the heart of Chisinau, the capital of sunny and warm 🇲🇩 Moldova — small country on the border between Europe and CIS.

Our unique trade offer (but we prefer to call it our passion since it's way more then a day-job) is the ability to soak in the body of the product and our clients' businesess.

Single clue is enough for us to build the whole thing on top of it. Just name the niche and form an image of your dream product — we'll do the rest, from naming to brand-guidelines, from the logo and style to componential design system. And for sure you can trust us the business analytics of the future product as well as architecture part, the realisation of the Minimal Viable Product and the launch 🚀

Important! Now we'll make a coming-out.
Super-heros exists. And now you're talking with one of them 🦸🏻‍♂️.
Unlike your “friendly neighbour Spiderman” our superpower was gained during the decades of hard and constant work and was from the is the priceless experience And there are five key facts you should know about us:
  • 1.Our team is well-knit, solid group of highly-skilled professionals in art and designUX/UIProduct thinkingbusiness analyticsmarketing and, of course development — both web and mobile.
  • 2.We use top-notch tools and tech to speed things up: GIT and mightful gitflowPHP or Node.js for server-side development, SCSS (along with npm, and webpack) Vue.jsReact for the frontend , React Native, Kotlin and Swift for mobile development, Design Systems with components for the complex UI approach, prototyping and processing feedback in Figma.
  • 3.We’re true followers of the LEAN methodology, Scrum process inside the team and MVP as a way to test product fast and for reasonable budget. Yep, pretty modern, but yet straight and clear process to keep things under control and stay transparent and responsive all the way of creation and even after product launch.
  • 4.🍐 Fruits was build with one clear belief 🙄 — if some want to create awesome product — all the pieces should be chosen carefully, and final result should be handcrafted under one roof. It means our best way is to build processes, hire and raise team, consolidate everyone and act as a strong production unit, to keep product under overwatch and put a soul in it.
  • 5.We’re working with different clients — from startups (team running app, island booking service) small businesses (like sushi-bar automation, local spring water online delivery) to big audience worldwide served digital products (language-learning platform, multi brand china-delivery ecommerce, airbnb-style booking on blockchain with highload), and created more then two hundred projects in different fields of business. Our credo is to use open mind, think out of the box, spent time and resources wisely. It’s life long experience, even passion for building 🖥 , launching 🚀 maintaining 🛠  and business growth 🏆 of digital products.

  • They trust us. Join this noble company 😉

    Our clients differs. The main criteria for us is to create something useful, profitable and viable. So it's not about the brand or fame, it's more about the passion and idea based on the thought-over backbone of unit-economy and market awareness.

    We've done 539 projects and products during past 8 years and closed over the million of tasks.

    It may take a week to see all of them, so let's meet with only a couple of our beloved clients and awesome products we've created.


    We worked with R&D Yandex Department and create unique browser plugin which verify security being on the pages in Yandex-browser, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Besides this we collaborated with researching department on the two more projects, still we can't uncover the details due to NDA. Group Russia

    We are collaborating with company more than a year. We performed fundamentally new product, which is used by 50 thousand people nowaday — it's a extremely useful extention for Google Chrome — Clouder. It allows to save any pictures from any site (soon it will allow to save videos also) in the user's cloud. — sustainable cleaning services


    ...The SAAS-solution oriented for b2b service provision. It's a tool to optimize, digitalize and speed-up the old-fashion industry of cleaning services. At the same time the product of Cleand is bridging out the end-customers with service providers (Laundries, shoe-cleaning and repairment services, dry-cleaning businesses and sneakers cleaning providers) with the goal to remove any middle-man and stay as a cheap and universal solution, increasing both the confort of end-user and the profit of companion-service providers...

    European & USA projects (2019-2020)

  • SAAS: Backups at a glance:
  • Belgium huge sustainable-oriented company got shiny-new website:
  • Creative re-design of AI-service introduction by animated story on a set of landing pages for the public UK-company
  • ...and let me introduce you the most tentative project in this room:


    We did it all from the naming till the carefully polished surface of Vue.js component.

    Read the whole story

    “Great professional approach. Not only do the tasks, still save the terms”

    - Michael Tomshinskii, Yandex project manager.

    Why Fruitware?

  • We are expensive.
  • We develope sites, mobile applications and more important things.
  • We create beautiful products inside and outside.
  • We will understand You.
  • Our possibilities have no limits.